#31 Animation with Diana Van de Kamp

Diana is back and on this episode of MMM podcast we will be discussing animated films.


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#30 Justine Marino – Food in Film

Comedian and star of Three’s 2 Much podcast, Justine Marino and I talk food in film. Warning: This episode might make you hungry.


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#29 2001: A Space Odyssey ~ and other topics w Matt Colville

Matt Colville of Squaremans.com created a podcast episode explaining his interpretation of 2001. It’s genius so I wanted to talk to him about it (and other things) and post it for you to listen to as well. We also discuss video games, The Black Hole, and scary Disney films.

Check out Matt at:


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#28 Songs in Film vol. 1 w Mark Ellis

Mark and I discuss poignant songs in film – songs that we feel have left an impression in our minds. Whether the character knows the song is playing or it is merely background music, we discuss what songs have resonated with us. Hopefully you will share additional songs that you like with us on our twitter or facebook pages.


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Dance Sequences in Film

This post was first written on May 11th, 2011.

I want to thank for being my inspiration for writing this post (thanks!). If you did not record Top 5 Dance Scenes I would have never written this entry. I really enjoyed looking up all of these clips ~ and found they brought about great memories.

It’s important to note that I am a dancer and that is why I wanted to share with you films that have excellent dance sequences that a dancer would appreciate.

Section One: Musicals – these are what I would consider the best dance numbers of all time:
1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – Barn Dance. I first saw this movie at USC in Cinema 466 led by Leonard Maltin. Rus Tamblyn was there to be interviewed about this movie. He said this particular dance number was never stopped in the middle, every take they were expected to do the entire dance. Impressive. I don’t think I could do that.

2. Mary Poppins – Step in Time. I recently watched this film and I believe it was the DVD extras that revealed that it was a very difficult number because they would always have to do the entire number for each take and the music constantly changes. You can note that it goes from eight counts to counting 1-2-3. The tempo also changes throughout making it difficult for any trained dancer.

3. Many people might say Good Mornin’ or Singing in the Rain would be their favorite dance sequence from this film but I say Moses Supposes is the best one of the lot. Amazing dance and choreography. They also used this dance in a recent car commercial – although it seems kind of creepy in that context.

4-7. White Christmas -The best dance sequences in a single movie. My favorite of the lot is “Choreography.” Unfortunately I was unable to find a full clip of this particular routine but I find the tap dancing to be amazing. Also featured are the Minstrel number, The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing, and Abraham

8. The Sound of Music – Sixteen going on Seventeen. This is most likely memorable because of the gazebo and jumping from bench to bench while in the gazebo. Apparently tourists to the home in Austria are no longer allowed to go in the gazebo as there were too many people that would try to recreate the dance and would fall and hurt themselves.

9. Moulin Rouge – El Tango de Roxanne. Simply breathtaking with its use of group syncretize dance. The musical styling of Roxanne is quite haunting as well. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this (or any other dance sequence from this film) was on list because he appreciates this film.

10-12. West Side Story – Cool, Gym Mambo, and America. My favorite of this group is Cool. I think this has something to do with the fact that it is my favorite song from the movie and I also like the line, “Easy Action.”

13-14. Newsies – King of New York and Seize the Day. The DVD commentary and features on this film show information on how they choreographed the dances and an inside look into their rehearsals. Check out Christian Bale’s moves.

Section Two: Dance Films
15. Bring it On – opening sequence. While I enjoy most of the dances in this film I find the opening sequence to be the most memorable. The end dance/cheer competition between the Toro’s and the Clover’s is also excellent choreography.

16. White Nights – Barishnikov 11 rotations for a single pirouette. Enough said.

17 – 18. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Final Routine, Try Outs. Both are fun sequences and show some great dance moves from a young Sarah Jessica Parker and her partner.

19. Center Stage – Final Show. While the movie is nothing special (mainly because it is a cast of dancers, not actors), the dancing is phenomenal. There are plenty of dance sequences throughout the film that are interesting but the best is the end show. I couldn’t find a clip that showcases the entire ending sequence but this shows the main dance that focuses on the main character of the film.

20. Black Swan – Black Swan Dance. This clip only shows a little from the movie but the entire ending with the ballet is really amazingly beautiful. While I wasn’t a huge fan of this film, I still respect all the dance aspects that are represented.

21. This is the practice session montage of the film. I like how it moves the story along and provides some interesting dance clips. Plus, who doesn’t love Patrick Swayze? Favorite comment from users: “I hope no one walks in on me watching this…”

22. Any dance sequence from this film could be considered great but this is one of my personal favorites.

23. Overall, this movie is a lot of fun. It is no wonder this movie was later turned into a musical and was performed on Broadway. Favorite comment from users: “If this was an American film they’d all have six packs. The joys of a British film.”

Section Three: Movies that are not about dance
24. Hot Rod – The Fall From Mountain. This has to be one of the best dance parodies I have seen. This parodies Footloose and is quite hilarious. I could also see putting this on his Top 5 list.

25. Addams Family Values – Gomez and Morticia Tango. There is a lot to appreciate about this scene but what makes it so great is the characterization of Gomez and Morticia. I also appreciate the champagne popping at the end of the routine.

26. Beauty and the Beast – Be Our Guest. While this could technically go under musicals, I decided not to put it in that category because I wanted to keep musicals under the category of Live Action. While this movie is animated I found this to be a charming musical/dance number.

27. Can’t Buy Me Love – African Anteater Ritual. Patrick Dempsey at his finest (and perhaps youngest). I enjoy that the nerdy boy shows off his new moves and others take to it so quickly. Bravo.

28. Rad – Send Me an Angel. While I haven’t seen this entire film, I have seen this scene and I have to say it is quite brilliant. That is all.

And finally, I also included a clip from the show Reno 911 because it is hilarious. I know it isn’t in a movie but it still makes me laugh and is a great dance sequence.

I would be shocked if any of the gentlemen (or guest ) on have any of my movies on their list but I would also be proud if they did.


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#27 Remakes/Reboots w Scott Menzel of WeLiveFilm.com

Scott Menzel (MovieManMenzel) joins me to discuss remakes and reboots — what we are looking forward to and what we loathe. I’m crossing my fingers that the sound quality on this episode is acceptable.


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#26 Jerks – w/ John Flickinger of The Flick Pick

John Flickinger of The Flick Pick and I discuss Movie Jerks – the guys you love to hate. I apologize for the terrible sound quality in this episode. I hope you will still listen but understand if it is too difficult to sit though.


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#25 Catherine Reitman interview: Being Catherine Reitman

Want to know more about Catherine Reitman and Breakin’ it Down, the video podcast that has taken iTunes by storm? I thought so.


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#24 So bad…w Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns is back and this time we talk about movies that are So Bad They’re Good. FYI – Scream and Scream 2 spoiler towards the end.


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#23 Schmoes Know exclusive – Kristian Harloff Mark Ellis

Both Schmoes on one podcast? That’s right – I have your Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis interview exclusive. Get to know everyone’s favorite movie lovers, the Schmoes, better than you knew them before.


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