All You Need To Know About CT Fletcher

In the world of diets and workouts, many proponents of this and that system cite modern research, obsess about details, and come with a superior attitude declaring themselves the one and only way to build muscles.

The CT Fletcher came along. In 2013, he launched a short clip online that made him an instant celebrity. He was a large black man with muscles and a steely gaze that all made him look intimidating. His passion for work knew no bounds, and his methodologies were very controversial.

Who Was CT Fletcher?

Before he became a YouTube sensation and a force in the bodybuilding industry, he was a son of a preacher who was also a war veteran. His childhood was spent in Compton, and it was a tough neighborhood especially for a preacher’s kid. He grew up in a strict household, and then in 1977 when he was 18 he joined the Army.

He soon became interested in martial arts, and he became a 2nd-degree black belt. After the Army, he returned to civilian life and became interested in weightlifting. He didn’t care much for anabolic steroids and illegal drugs (which is a rather common Army attitude), so he sought other ways to be the strongest man on Earth.

The Legend is Born

Once the video was launched, people interested in bodybuilding encountered a guru that was different from anybody else. To say he was passionate is an understatement, and that’s not only because it seemed that every sentence had the word “motherf**er” in it.

It was because he also condemned the seemingly lazy attitude of looking for shortcuts. He hated how many trainers pandered to those looking for quick results because he knew there is no such thing as a good shortcut in bodybuilding. He hated the 20-minute workouts, the 10-minute abs training, and other similar methods.

Instead, he exhorted everyone—in his rather earthy vocabulary filled with obscenities and profanities—to just work hard. That can be achieved when you really want to build muscles and to be strong. You have to want it, and then you have to earn it.

It didn’t really matter if you are doing things exactly right. If you’re getting stronger and you’re not hurting yourself, it’s right enough.

That’s what CT Fletcher did. His maximum bench press record is officially set at 650 pounds. Unofficially, his record is 720 pounds. For his max squat, it’s 725 pounds. He is a 3-time champion for the drug-free bench press and also a 3-time world champion for strength curl.

The Legacy of CT Fletcher

In some ways CT Fletcher was right, and in others he was wrong. His most spectacular mistake was gobbling calories from unhealthy sources. He ate 4 Big Macs, 4 fries, 4 apple pies, and 2 shakes every day for lunch for 20 years. That eventually led to open heart surgery. Learning from his mistake, he now advocates a more nutritional approach to your diet.

But he is right about really wanting to get stronger. If you really want it, then you have to work at it constantly and with passion. It’s an attitude that works not just bodybuilding, but for everything you want to achieve in life. So get to work, motherfu**er!

CT Fletcher’s “My Magnificent Obsession” Documentary Movie

To go learn more about CT Fletcher’s life, upbringing, challenges, and what fuels his determination and obsession you can watch his documentary “My Magnificent Obsession”. See how it all came to be with this motivational documentary…

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