Batman VS Superman In Hawaii!


Hawaii is doing it big in the independent creative film scene. Well, at least for one film production company.

The Anime and cosplay world is beginning to grow and gain a lot of attention as well. When you put those two together, a passion for anime, comics, and film production, you get something very special.

DHM Productions is a talented and developing independent film production company that loves to display what they can do with the anime and comic movie world. Led by Keoni Maemori, they produce very creative and epic films out in Hawaii.

Around the time of Kawaii Kon 2016, the DHM team along with Batman, Superman, Robin, Catwoman, and an array of other super heroes, came together to create an epic film out in paradise. Batman Versus Superman Hawaii it is called. While the big battle is saved for the big screen, in the film it showcases their cinematography, special effects, and editing skills which are pretty good!

You can view the film here:

I don’t know them personally. One of my former co-workers is Robin’s father and shared with me the video. You can tell they are very passionate in what they do, both in film and the anime/comic world. I definitely look forward to more films from them!


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