All You Need To Know About CT Fletcher

In the world of diets and workouts, many proponents of this and that system cite modern research, obsess about details, and come with a superior attitude declaring themselves the one and only way to build muscles.

The CT Fletcher came along. In 2013, he launched a short clip online that made him an instant celebrity. He was a large black man with muscles and a steely gaze that all made him look intimidating. His passion for work knew no bounds, and his methodologies were very controversial.

Who Was CT Fletcher?

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“Overnight Success” Motivational Film

Motivational videos on YouTube are like trees to tree trimmers in Hawaii – there are tons! I remember back in 2010 when I was editing and mixing my own motivational mixes, there was a few good epic edits out there but today the Tube it’s saturated with them. I personally enjoy it though. I watch/listen to them every morning to help keep me on my feet and striving  towards my goals.

The motivational trend has gotten so popular that entrepreneurs and companies are taking advantage of the genre and using it as a marketing strategy. Ha! That’s what I was seeking to do 6 years ago. I guess I was on the right track.

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