Stream Your Game For Fame Profit

I bet when you were younger, you wished you could grow up to do the very thing you loved to do and that was play video games. But back then it was merely impossible and people often told you to get into another field because you can’t make a living off of playing video games. My, my, my how times have changed.

Now in this day and age, people can do what they enjoy, stream themselves doing it and make a profit from it. Really! You don’t even need to be great at playing video games, good looking, or witty, though these could all help with your following. People all over the world are already doing this and are making a pretty penny doing it.

How do I know? I do it myself! I am so grateful that I’m able to do what I love from the comfort of my own home or even in beach house rentals in Oahu!

Here’s how to start streaming your games, and maybe even throw a few dollars into your bank account.

There’s nothing worse than your stream and voice cutting off because of bad internet connection. Make sure your devices are plugged directly into your modem or router to ensure great frame rate and audio. Then you will need a streaming platform to work off of. Try to look into OBS or Elgato.

Next is a microphone. It is essential to your streaming that you have good commentary and stay connected with people in your chat. Headsets are fine and you can find some at great prices. Webcams aren’t necessary but give you an advantage for more viewers. Something to keep in mind when streaming, bring out your personality, whether it be loud and obnoxious or cute and quiet, let yourself shine. Most of the time people that watch gaming streams is not only because of the game but the person as well. Then find a streaming service. Twitch is probably the most established one right now but there are other ones out there.

Now getting to the fun part. Before jumping right into it, check to make sure your audio, resolution, and clarity are all in sync. Reach out on social media that you will be streaming. Don’t be discouraged by the few people that actually jump on. That’s your foundation, build on it. Keep in mind that it is a performance, don’t censor yourself off, always engage your audience, and keep your cool with the negativity. End your streams with something witty and short and repeat the next time you stream.

Lastly, you can utilize YouTube to upload your videos for free. Try to edit them and cut to all of the highlights of your stream. You could also hold giveaways and raffles as you grow your following. Monetize your youtube and twitch accounts. And be open to sponsorships, which may not always be lucrative but usually worth the extra penny.

Geeks and geekettes, don’t forget to have fun. If it’s all about the money, maybe you should think twice before getting into game streaming. I mean, that is why you’re gaming in the first place right? For the love of the game.

Here’s one of my gameplay videos from my channel. Enjoy!


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